OAU MBA Student Death: Lawyer Accuses Timothy Adegoke’s Family Of frustrating Police Investigation

What could have been a giant step towards unravelling the cause of the death of Timothy Adegoke, an OAU MBA student found dead in Ile-Ife was frustrated by members of his family yesterday Nov 19th, 2021.
The day had already been agreed upon for the conduct of autopsy to unravel the circumstances leading to his death and to also establish whether any part of his body was actually missing as being bandied around by his brother.

Towards this, a team of independent pathologists led by professors had arrived from Abuja and Ilorin a day in preparation for the autopsy which was scheduled to commence by 9am on Friday, 19th November 2021.
The police team from the Osun State Police Command and the Pathologists arrived at exactly 9am, the family of Timothy Adegoke was no where to be found.
The police officers called them repeatedly on the phone to know their location, but they kept on deceiving the police officers that they were in Osogbo and stuck in the traffic around 12 noon. Three hours later, the brother of the deceased later called back they were not actually coming. It is clear that this is a calculated attempt to frustrate investigation into the matter and establish the fact that Timothy Adegoke died of natural causes.
The same brother spoke with the Nation newspaper and said that the police has not told him what killed his brother and the reason why they arrested Chief Ramon Adedoyin. If that is the case, why is he going about smearing his name.
Justice is a trapartite triangle: justice to the victim, justice to the accused and justice to the society whose norm is desecrated.
There must be justice to all. Gbade Adegoke must be stopped in his campaign of calumny to smear Chief Adedoyin’s name. It is obvious that he is being used and sponsored. If they have nothing to hide, they should make themselves available for the autopsy to be conducted so that the whole world will know the truth.
Speaking with our report, the lawyer to Chief Ramon Adedoyin, Barr. Williams Abiodun expressed dismay at the attitude of the deceased family. He therefore appeal to the Commissioner of Police, Osun State Police Command, Mr. Wale Olokode to display the highest professionalism in this matter and act according to the evidence and facts already established before the police and not what rumour mongers are saying and be fair to all the parties.

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