Two Million Nigerians Will Get Jobs From River Niger Dredging – Gov. Bello Yahya


The lower Rivers Niger and Benue dredging will provide over two million direct and indirect jobs to Nigerians upon completion.

Mr Bello Yahya revealed this while inaugurating the hydrographic survey and charting of the lower Rivers Niger and Benue; from Lokoja to Burutu.

In a statement by his chief press secretary Onogwu Mohammed, the governor lauded the federal government’s economic diversification and job creation efforts.

Mr Bello further lauded the initiative, birthed by the Private Public Partnership of Nigeria Export-Import Bank in collaboration with the Nigerian Navy and National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

“These Rivers; Niger and Benue have remained one of the most critical natural assets that held good prospects for economic diversification in Nigeria. I, however, assure Kogites and Nigerians while that at the end of this survey and charting project, various inland and river ports along the coast that have hitherto become moribund would be reactivated,” said Mr Bello. “As well as improving the welfare, security and prosperity of Nigerian citizens and the current initiative was premised on such intention. This project would similarly facilitate the handling of bulk imports from the coastal areas and the export of solid minerals and agricultural produce from the hinterland.”

The Kogi governor urged various stakeholders to seize the opportunity to complete the national survey within the shortest possible time.

He further admonished states contiguous to the lower Rivers Niger and Benue to support the government’s effort to improve lives.

The governor also assured local communities that the opening of the rivers would in no way distort their ancestral beliefs, cultures and traditions.

Mr Bello explained to them that the project was a golden opportunity to eradicate poverty and promote the prosperity of local communities.

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