Osun 2022: PDP’s Adeleke Dynasty May Split

THE Adeleke dynasty, a stronghold of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the State of Osun, may split over the forthcoming 2022 governorship election.

Investigations by OSUN DEFENDER revealed that the Adeleke dynasty is gradually falling into two camps, following the governorship ambition of Mr. Dele Adeleke, a nephew to Senator Ademola Adeleke, the flag-bearer of the PDP in the 2018 election.

It was gathered and confirmed from Dele’s strategists that he has declared his intention to contest under the platform of the PDP.

The financial expert, it was gathered, had begun political consultations with leaders of the party in the state.

Dele was the party agent of the PDP at the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) during the collation of the 2018 governorship election results. He was also the Prosecution Witness 1 (PW1) during the election petition tribunal.

OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered that Dele’s ambition was born out of the need for the PDP to have a credible candidate for next year’s election.

A source in the Adeleke dynasty group confided in the medium that Dele was convinced to join the governorship race in the party because of his intellectual prowess and undented image.

The source said: “Some of us spoke with the young man to join the governorship race. We know that part of what worked against us (PDP) in the 2018 governorship election was the education status of our candidate. The only thing that the All Progressives Congress (APC) used to campaign against us was that our candidate was not educated and lacked the required capacity to govern Osun. That has not stopped till now.

“And since the first political appearance of Mr Dele Adeleke in 2018, people have been wondering why the PDP did not field him, instead of his uncle, in that election. We have been working on that and we have successfully convinced him to join the race. We believe our party will consider him.”

One of the staunch supporters of Dele’s governorship ambition told the medium that they would try to manage the political situation in order not to cause crisis in the Adeleke Dynasty.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday, the supporter said: “I can confirm to you that Mr. Dele Adeleke is contesting the 2022 governorship ticket of the PDP. We have concluded arrangement on that. We are aware of brother Demola Adeleke’s ambition too, but when we get to the river, we will know how to cross it. We will manage the situation.”

According to sources in Dele’s camp, he is bid to obtain the expression of interest form of the PDP today (Friday) at the National Secretariat, Abuja.

However, the supporters of Senator Ademola Adeleke did not welcome Dele’s ambition, describing it as treacherous.

The Senator’s supporters disclosed that the recent settlement of the crisis in the PDP was all about ensuring that Ademola emerges the candidate of the party in next year’s election.

Four of the supporters, in different phone interviews yesterday, submitted: “Dele’s ambition came to us as a shock. We did not expect it. How could he say he wants to contest the governorship ticket of the party with his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke?

“No matter what, Senator Ademola has a right of first choice and he polled enough votes in the 2018 governorship election. Dele should not betray the trust we have in him. We also urge Dr. Deji Adeleke to call him to order. He should not disrupt the political calculation on ground.”

When contacted, the Chairman of the PDP in the State of Osun, Mr Sunday Bisi, said he was not aware of Dele’s ambition, saying there is a procedure to follow when somebody is interested in any elective political office in the party.

Bisi, however, said Dele is welcome to the governorship race, promising that the party would provide a level playing ground for all the governorship aspirants in the PDP.

He said: “I am not aware of his ambition because there is procedure to follow if you want to contest any elective office in the party. The expression of interest form of the party is already out and he has not gotten the form. Until that is done, I would not say what I don’t know.

“However, he has every right to contest, he is a Nigerian and a competent person.”

Asked if his ambition would not jeopardise that of Ademola, Bisi said: “How would his ambition jeopardise that of Ademola? This is not a first time two people are coming out to contest in the same family in Nigeria. At least, I remember the story of Dosumu family in Lagos where two brothers contested for same position.

“We don’t know maybe other members of the party are still coming out to contest. I can only assure you that we will provide a level playing ground for every aspirant.”

Meanwhile, a business mogul, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, yesterday obtained the nomination form of the party.

Ogunbiyi contested the governorship ticket of the party with Sen. Ademola Adeleke in 2018.

He was defeated with 7 votes by Adeleke.

A starlwart of the party, Hon. Sanya Omirin also obtained the nomination and expression of interest forms at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja on Wednesday.

The increasing number of aspirants in the PDP according to reports throws open the ticket of the party believed to be solely reserved for Senator Ademola Adeleke in the last 3 years.

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