Ekiti Prison Overcrowded, Housing 700 Inmates Instead Of 400- Ojo Olayemi


The prison controller, Mr Ojo Olayemi has said that the Nigerian Correctional Centre in Ado-Ekiti is bursting at the seams.

He revealed this while conducting the Ekiti Chief Judge, John Adeyeye, round the facility.

The chief judge freed 69 awaiting trial inmates at the prison.

Mr Olayemi explained that the facility was designed to house less than 400 inmates but had almost been overstretched by accommodating about 700 inmates.

He urged the judge to encourage Magistrates to use non-custodial sentences, such as community services, which will drastically help decongest prisons.

Mr Adeyeye granted the inmates freedom on Thursday, during his first official visit to the prison in Ado Ekiti since assumption of duty in June.

The freed inmates were convicted of burglary and stealing and had stayed in prison beyond the stipulated jail terms.

Five hundred and thirty-eight cases were reviewed, 11 females and 527 males.

Also, 45 inmates were released unconditionally, 19 were released on bail, four were released on the advice of the director of public prosecutions for having no case to answer, one case was struck out, and three bail conditions were varied.

The chief judge advised the freed inmates to be of good behaviour.

Mr Adeyeye commended stakeholders in the administration of justice, especially the judges, magistrates, lawyers, police and others, for their patient and cooperation.

He also lauded the controller and his men for keeping a clean and healthy environment, making the facility conducive for the inmates.

Mr Olayemi thanked the judge for the timely visit, adding that the visit would immensely alleviate the suffering of the inmates.

He appealed to Mr Adeyeye to make his visit a regular exercise.

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