Oyetola: Time To Wake Up, Your Excellency!

By Adegbite Adedamola

As far as Osun politics gets, Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has seen it all. After rising through the ranks to be one of Asiwaju Tinubu’s closest allies he went on to be the first and only Governor to have served osun for two terms and now recently to one of President Buhari’s most trusted comrade.

In 2018, the choice of who to replace Aregbesola from the APC fold became loud. Moshood Adeoti, Najeem Salam and Lasun Yusuf were considered front runners and obvious choices until the intriguing emergence of Gboyega Oyetola. Although he was Aregbesola’s Chief of staff for 8 years, he was neither tested politically nor was he popular.

For an accountant who rose to being a Chief of Staff for 8 years and now a duly elected governor of a state, Oyetola is a blessed man. He, however, seemed to forget his trajectory so much that when the power came, he broke ranks with his former boss and sat comfortably on Omisore his boss’s arch enemy’s back. He went further disparaging Aregbesola’s Ideals by discarding policies of his former boss with no regards and almost fooled us all to believe that he was not a member of the cabinet that instituted those policies in the first instance.

Soon, many people inside and outside the APC will find his politics to be wrong. For a man who appeared on the scene with so much goodwill, he squandered so much in so short a time.

Evidently core progressives have since been lukewarm on those happenings and now looks for counter directions in TOP. A group within the party loyal to Rauf Aregbesola and asking for a change aftermath the ensuing discord that arose within the APC as regards who takes charge of party machinery between the governors select team albeit refered to as the Ileri-Oluwa team and members loyal to Rauf Aregbesola who were the foot soldiers that rode Gboyega Oyetola to power clothed in the garment of T.O.P and were chased, maligned and discredited with so much violence like it was not a party that most of them aided its formation.

For 3 years and running, Oyetola has stuck out his neck in his naivety to the terrain of his aspiration now the guillotine colored in the garment of TOP are descending without any inhibitions. With the election coming in less than 8 months, it is just a matter of time before the hangman noose will grip the neck of Gboyega Oyetola in the polls as he, Oyetola does not have the required muscle to play hardball neither does he have the goodwill to muster enough public sympathy to garner victory in the Polls.

With the recent realignment of initial aggrieved 2018 apc guber aspirants and obvious heavy weights back to the fold of TOP, One surely doesn’t need to be a son of Issachar to be able to read and understand the direction the pendulum would swing in case Aregbesola and his TOP decides to go all the way down. With indicators showing that if Neither Najeem Salam, Lasun Yusuf or Moshood Adeoti are the names flying the APC ticket in July, TOP might just topple it up with defections and party apathy as they stand to lose nothing more than what they had already lost.

If Gboyega Oyetola and his select team will not recognise the abilities that Rauf Aregbesola has to swing the polls, I pray to the polls to show them. Despite every disparaging attempts to bring him down, Aregbesola remains the most popular politician in Osun state and the only ace in the jigsaw that can connect every accord within the Osun State APC.

The Yoruba’s says, Mo gbọ́n tán, mo mọ̀ ọ́ tán, l’agbọ́n ò ṣe l’óró bí oyin. “Pride and arrogance limit us; recognise that no one knows it all; be willing to learn from everyone.” There’s a reason the first law of Power by Robert greene was Never outshine your master.

Adegbite Adedamola Lasisi Omisore
Iba, Ifelodun local government,
Ifelodun, Boripe, Odo-otin federal constituency,
Osun Central Senatorial District,
Osun State, Nigeria.
[email protected]
Progressive but not APC, democrat but not PDP.

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