My Journey Into Politics Borne Out Of Love For The People – Hon. Akeem Oluseye

The name Hon. Akeem Oluseye or the acronym HAO need no introduction when talking about politics in the Gateway State. The name has cut across Ogun Central Senatorial District having once contested for the seat of Abeokuta North chairmanship position between year 2020/2021.

It’s a clear fact that the acronym HAO has become a household name in Ogun politics due to the bearer’s activities and contributions towards the progress of the party, the All Progressives Congress and development of humanity in generality.

Hon. Akeem Oluseye, a man of modesty and good character, in many philanthropist acts has written his name in gold in the heart of many people before, during and after the chairmanship tussle in 2021.

Like he always say, “My journey into Politics is borne out of love for the people”. This underscores his preparedness and readiness to serve his people both as philanthropist and politician.

During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, HAO did rose to the occasion by catering for hundreds of households and party faithfuls through distribution of food items and meaningful sum of cash as succour to them. It didn’t stop there. He made sure all items to curtail the spread of the deadly virus were provided and made available across Abeokuta North and beyond. These include provision of Nose masks, hand wash basins and hand sanitizers.

All these and many others too numerous to list here were done out of love for the people as a selfless and passionate person that he is. There is also the yearly Abeokuta North Unity Cup, a football competition staged annually to bring together all the communities in Abeokuta North Local Government Area to foster unity and cooperation among the people of the LGA. Apart from fostering unity and cooperation, the football competition also serves as avenue where talented youths in the trade are identified and given opportunities to try their trade outside the country due to existing working relationship between the organisers and Football clubs in Qatar and UAE.

However, as another political dispensation is approaching, all hands must be on deck to work hard and make the dream of leading his people come through for HAO. This is an era the youths need to rise to the occasion and take the mantle of leadership.

Hon. Akeem Oluseye is young, vibrant and well connected in bringing about prospects and fortunes to the Gateway State in general and Abeokuta North Local Government Area in particular.

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