Nigerians Condemn Sexual Violence Case Involving Students Of Chrisland Schools


Nigerians have condemned video of alleged sexual violence case involving students of Chrisland Schools which went viral on social media Monday morning.

Seeing the viral video of students involved in sexual activities, the social media was thrown into a sombre mood.

According to reports, the pupils from the high school were in Dubai to participate in the World School Games between March 10-13, 2022 and the school was celebrated for carrying out an impressive display and winning about 34 medals.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Government has ordered the immediate closure of all Chrisland Schools within the state pending further investigations into an alleged sexual violence case involving students of the school which occurred in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The development has left many Nigerians wondering what most children do in the absence of their parents.

Some Nigerians strongly have condemned the school for suspending the female student whose face was seen in the video and failing to monitor the pupils during their time in Dubai and blaming the girl’s parents.

Reacting to the incident, a Twitter influencer via his handle, @DrOlufunmilayo, noted the school is always in the news for the wrong reason, he recalled that the school had a similar rape case between 2018-2019.

He tweeted, “This was back in 2018-2019 when a teacher in Chrisland raped a child and was sentenced to jail for 60 years.

“The response of the school after all of these? They turned the mother of the child to an enemy. I’m only attaching all this for people who may not remember the story.”

@Omojuwa said: “Chrisland school failed woefully on many fronts. They hid the matter for an entire month? Took the kid for a pregnancy test without the parent’s consent? These are 2 big issues already.”

@OgbeniDipo said: “Long story short, Chrisland School has a duty of care for their pupils and students. They failed to enforce this on that Dubai trip. They might get sued by the parents. The state government should ensure schools have policies per duty of care and such policies should be enforced.”

@iSlimfit wrote: “Same Chrisland school again? That letter reads like they are blaming the Parents instead of accepting responsibility for not monitoring the students under their care while on the trip to Dubai. And why are 10year olds playing Truth or Dare?”

@MohammedDBuhari wrote: “First, we should question the parenting of the two kids involved, before blaming the school authorities. The truth is a school cannot train your child, the school’s duty is education. As a parent, your duty is to give your child adequate training and discipline.”

@molarasauce wrote: “If it didn’t happen in school, what about with their cousins or friends. It could have happened anywhere else. Chrisland’s fault was on supervision.”

@Ayodeji36614787 wrote: “Pls how should the school be responsible for that? When you same people will condemn school for punishing or beating any student, u can’t eat ur cake and still have it. Blame the parents!”

@UmehPeters wrote: “The truth still remains that some parents are not doing enough in this parenting if a thing. Especially those ones that have their kids in elite schools.”

@Dansokoto1 wrote: “Everything starts from the house oh, parents do not do enough and want the educational institution and religious institutions to bear their responsibilities for their wards.”

@sheyitokz8 wrote: “Those kids no dey watch TVs in their homes or not? or will. the school supervision team stay with dem in the same room or same bed all in the name of supervising em nii parents shud watch their kids adequately and not allow them to view things not right on the tele at home.”

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