Chrisland S*x Video: What Parents Should Know


Apr 24, 2022

Was I shocked about the scandalous video of the students of Chrisland Schools which almost broke the internet at the Easter holidays? Not really. Was I shocked about the reaction of most Nigerians to the content of the video?

Maybe! I found it quite amusing though. Many Nigerians love masturbating over little issues while they ignore the really juicy, meaty, important parts. As the one I call Gentle Giant will say, “we love to sweat the small stuff”.

I read and listened with sheer amusement at the criticisms and aspersions thrown at the young girl and her parents. Trust Nigerians, our overbearing religiosity and self righteousness bore their fangs and descended imperiously on a little child who deserved our empathy and love rather than the avalanche of castigation and condemnation she received.

A Yoruba adage says that on the day the Elephant dies, you will see all sorts of knives. So with the case of Julia. Many who ought not to be heard, not to mention seen in the vicinity of such discussions, brought out their knives to take a slice of the morbid story, including those who, as adults, are embroiled in allegations of leaked s*x videos and those publicly engaged in controversial sexual lifestyles.

Many, forgot the memories of the years they played ‘“daddy and mummy” games with their friends and the many secret sexual escapades they have taken part in, and turned themselves popes and saints, spewing malediction on acts they are also guilty of. The truth is that if technology was as advanced as it is now, many running their fingers and mouths about that video would be hiding their faces in shame. Jesus while protecting the prostitute from her accusers who wanted to stone her to death, asked “let he who has no sin cast the first stone”.

Can any elder swear if he has never been involved in youthful exuberance? The saving grace is that it was not recorded on video.  While we cannot absolve Julia’s parents of the unfortunate actions of their daughter, ditto, Chrisland Schools under whose watch the immoral act took place, there are so many things both could have done differently to avoid the sorry situation we have all found ourselves in.

Those who advised Julia’s parents to dry their dirty linens in the public place, did them a great disservice, just as the school’s attempt to cover its guilt only made them more culpable.
The school ought to know by now that it’s reputation is already compromised by conviction by the court on the sexual abuse of a minor pupil by a teacher in the school. Rather than attempt to sacrifice the girl as a scapegoat for all that happened, it should have brought all stakeholders to the table, not leaving anyone out, according to Julia’s mother. The damage would have been curtailed on all sides while the children would get the counseling and help they need, and we would have all been saved from all the rigmarole. 

I am really peeved about the demonisation of Julia. It was as if she acted the video all alone, rather than with some other four or five participants. There was at least one other female on the bed with the boy in yellow top and another female voice in the background saying something like she doesn’t think she wants to perform on video.
Unfortunately, Nigerians practically feasted on the girl child who is already a victim of every socio-cultural abuse you can imagine, while the boy who could be seen grabbing onto her waist in ecstasy was treated with kid gloves.

Some even said he was innocent and was being raped by the girl! Haba! Hardly did I see anyone speak ill about his parents, after all, a guy is allowed to sow his wild oats while the girl must be trashed for raising her gaze.
The truth is that children will always be children, left unsupervised, many will compromise on some of the values instilled in them. It is the duty of adults to protect and prevent them from towing the path of destruction. The video is an eye opener for those who are shy of the truth, about how low we have sunk as a people. It is a confirmation of how much we have failed our young ones, as parents, religious institutions, government, etc. I mean, in a country where everyone prides themselves as highly religious, with mosques and churches in every nook and cranny of our communities, we surely can do better if our religiosity is not a lie. It is high time we got down from our high horse and face the reality of our time and the messy situation we have on our hands.
Teaching abstinence is good but it is much better to teach them all that they need to take care of themselves when the choice of abstinence is compromised or not theirs to make. They need to know how to protect themselves in all the types of relationships they make. S3x education must start very early, from age two to three and not when we notice that there is a bulge somewhere, then we begin to run helter skelter.
Children no longer come with their eyes closed on delivery, the eyes are wide open and their senses assimilate at the speed of light. If you think what happened in that video cannot get any worse, you are living in la la land! 
Hmmm! Do have a wonderful Sunday !!  


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