Gbenga Ogunkanmi: A Gilt-Edged Legislator In Seventh Assembly

By Oluwatosin Oladokun

The Lawmaker representing Ayedire state Constituency in Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Gbenga Ogunkanmi, is one of the very few rare breeds who constitute the seventh Osun State House of Assembly, he is a lawmaker with a sterling difference, he is youthful, vibrant, transparent and doting among his peers in the hallow chamber of the state parliament.

Honourable Ogunkanmi’s antecedence in politics predates his election into the seventh assembly of the state of Osun, his political record is nothing short of ground breaking.

Obviously one of the youngest in terms of parliamentary experience having joined the state parliament in 2019, Hon Ogunkanmi’s disposition, oratory contributions and punctuality are quite noble and inspiring especially when premised on the principles of effective and efficient representation which the parliament is anchored on.

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Hon. Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi’s astuteness earned him the trust and confidence of his colleagues hence he was entrusted with the headship of the house committee on public accounts where his imprints are quite indelible.

While credit goes to the Rt Hon Timothy Owoeye led seventh Assembly in the State of Osun for effectively managing and monitoring the affairs and activities of other arms of government as required by law and without sabotaging public interest, the way and manner of approach to every duty discharged by the Hon Ogunkanmi led committee on public accounts further accentuates the point that the parliament in the state of osun is not a robber stamp of the executive arm of government.

The current house committee on public accounts under Hon Ogunkanmi is reputed for objectivity, sincerity and public interest hence, any report or account that would pass through the committee must have met all required standards, the process is usually rigorous, detailed and nothing short of passing the proverbial camel through the needle’s eyes, all of which is done to avoid mistakes and loopholes which could spite the competence of the committee and the overall integrity of the parliament.

Some peculiarities of the Ile-ogbo born parliamentarian is his deep sense of honesty, sincerity of purpose, integrity, generosity, humility, his political maturity and outstanding loyalty to his party and his people on who’s mandate, he sits in the parliament.
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Hon Ogunkanmi has been instrumental to the passage of both executive and private bills in the current assembly, a Legislative service which has opened doors of developmental opportunities to Ayedire state Constituency.

It is undisputable that state House of assembly members do not get allocations for Constituency projects, however, honourable Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi has been unrelenting in his drive to develop his constituency through every means possible hence, he explores every available means which include goodwill and political connections to attract opportunities to his people thereby meeting their needs in critical areas.

For instance, as a way of motivating and encouraging students who have interest and passion for technical education, honourable Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi personally enrolled about twenty five(25) students of Ayedire origin to the Government technical college, Iwo and on completion of their studies, he singlehandedly procured welding machines, carpentry tools and equipment in relation to their fields of study as a way of empowering them and putting their knowledge to use.

As we all know, the cultural of reading is being fast eroded especially among the teeming youthful population, this could be attributed partly to the overwhelming influence of social media and the daunting effect is noticeable in the state’s performance in public examinations, however, Hon. Ogunkanmi believes in tackling it from the root hence he rose to the occasion by personally funding the purchase of a huge consignment of reading and instructional materials which ran to the tune of millions of naira, for use by pupils and students across public schools in Ayedire Local Government across.

Findings also established that honourable Ogunkanmi has provided youths in his Constituency both permanent and temporary jobs, this is apart from other incentives which goes the way of selected individuals across the Constituency.

Honourable Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi equally ensures an open door policy for engagements and interactions with all and sundry with a view to providing a robust feedback mechanism through his Constituency office in Ayedire, the channel has been a veritable platform where several complaints and challenges are quickly received and promptly addressed thereby giving way for the continued communal and political peace and harmony between the government and the governed in Ayedire.

Objectively speaking the re-election of honourable Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi is a matter of necessity, why is it so? His unmatched innovative ideas on the floor of the parliament, his commitment to the development of Ayedire and the state of Osun at large through legislation and his avowed commitment to his Constituents are enough convincing reasons to renew his mandate at the 2023 polls thereby giving him more room to deliver more dividends of democracy which could only accrue from quality, effective and efficient representation of his people on floor of the state parliament.

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